Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Information Updated

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Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-18

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-14

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-11

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-10

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-9

9.8.20 COVID-19-Declaration of Disaster-Rancho Viejo update..

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-8

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-5

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-4

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-3

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-2

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_9-1

Cameron County Daily COVID 19 Report_8-31

COVID-19 Press Release 8-28

COVID-19 Press Release 8-27

COVID-19 Press Release 8-26

COVID-19 Press Release 8-25

COVID-19 Press Release_8-25

COVID-19 Press Release_8-12

COVID-19 Press Release_8-11

COVID-19 Press Release_8-10

COVID-19 Press Release_8-8

COVID-19 Press Release_8-7

COVID-19 Press Release_8-6

COVID-19 Press Release_8-4

COVID-19 Press Release_8-3_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_8-2_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_8-1_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_7-25_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_7-24_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release 8-2 Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release 8-1 Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release 7-21 Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release 7-20 Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release 7-18 Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release 7-17 Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_7-15

COVID-19 Press Release_7-14

COVID-19 Press Release_7-13_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_7-13

COVID-19 Press Release_7-11_RelatedDeaths

COVID-19 Press Release_7-10_Related Deaths

COVID-19 Press Release_7-10

COVID-19 Press Release 7-7

COVID-19 Press Release 7-6

COVID-19 Press Release 7-4

COVID-19 Press Release 7-3

COVID-19 Press Release 7-2

COVID-19 Press Release 7-1

COVID-19 Press Release 6-30





COVID-19 Press Release 6-27

COVID-19 Press Release 6-26

COVID-19 Press Release_6-24

COVID-19 Press Release_6-23

COVID-19 Press Release_6 16

mandatory facial covering 062020

COVID-19 Press Release_6-11

COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing_Flyer_6.15-6.21

COVID-19 Press Release_6-10

6.9.20 COVID-19-Declaration of Disaster-Rancho Viejo update


COVID-19 Press Release_6-8

COVID-19 Press Release_6-6

COVID-19 Press Release_6-5

COVID-19 Press Release_6_4_2020

COVID-19 Press Release_6_3_2020

COVID-19 Press Release_6_2_2020

COVID-19 Press Release_6_1_2020

COVID-19 Press Release__5 26 2020

COVID-19 Press Release__5 23 2020

COVID-19 Press Release__5 22 2020

COVID-19 Press Release__5 20 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_05_19_2020

COVID-19 Press Release_636-649 PR51_5 19 2020

TRV Disaster Declaration COVID-19 3rd extension

REV_COVID-19 Press Release_570_582_PR47_5 14 2020

5.12.20 COVID-19-Declaration of Disaster-Rancho Viejo

COVID-19 Press Release_513_527_PR44_5 111 2020

05.11.2020 COVID-19 Testing Sites in Cameron County

COVID-19 Press Release_495_512_PR43_5 9 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_484_494_PR42_5 8 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_470_483_PR41_5 7 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_433_443_PR38_5 4 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_422_432_PR37_5 2 2020 (1)

COVID-19 Press Release_422_432_PR37_5 2 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_413_421_PR36_5 1 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_388 401_PR34_4 29 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_377_387_PR33_4 28 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_367_376_PR32_4 27 2020

04.24.2020 Para la Liberacion Inmediata Orden de Emergencia Aclarando y Actualizando el Levantamiento de Ciertas Restricciones

Emergency Management Order Clarifying and Updating Lifting of Certain Restrictions

COVID-19 Press Release_345_354_PR30_4 24 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_355_366_PR31_4 25 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_334_344_PR29_4 23 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_322_333_PR28_4 22 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_311_321_PR27_4 21 2020

04.21.2020 Aclaracion de Orden De Emergencia con Levantamiento de Ciertas Restricciones

04.21.2020 Clarification to Emergency Management Order with Lifting of Certain Restrictions

COVID-19 Press Release_299_310_PR26_4 20 2020

04.20.2020 Para la Liberacion Inmediata- Orden de Emergencia Extendiendo la Orden Obligatoria de Refugio en su hogar con el Levantamiento de Ciertas Restricciones

04.20.2020 For Immediate Release- Emergency Management Order Extending Mandatory Countywide Shelter in Place with Lifting of Certain Restrictions

04.20.2020 Order- EM Order Extending Countywide Shelter in Place with lifting of Certain Restrictions

COVID-19 Press Release_280_298_PR25_4 18 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_270_279_PR24 4 17 2020

04.17.2020 Para la Liberacion Inmediata – Ejercisio al Aire Libre

04.17.2020 For Immediate Release – Outdoor Exercising

04.17.2020 Memoradum to Public and Law Enforcement within Cameron County

COVID-19 Press Release_255_270_PR23 4 16 2020

04.16.2020 Para la Liberacion Inmediata- Actividades Personales Esenciales

COVID-19 Press Release_240_254_4 15 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_4 14 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_4 13 2020

COVID-19 Press Release 4 9 2020

COVID-19 Press Release 4 10 2020

COVID-19 Press Release 4 11 2020

2020.04.09 – Order – First Supplemental Emergency Management Order Travel and Face Coverings

2020.04.09 – Orden – Primera Orden Suplementaria de Emergencia Restricciones – Viajes Y Coberturas de Cara

04.09.2020 For Immediate Release- First Supplemental Emergency Management Order and Recommendations concerning Travel and Face Coverings

04.07.2020 Orden Suplementaria de Emergencia y Recomendaciones Sobre Restricciones Addicionales de Viajes y Cuberturas de Cara

COVID-19 Press Release_102_108_4 7 2020 (1)

04.07.2020 For Inmediate Release

04.07.2020 Emergency Management Order Regarding Nursery Home and other Long Term Care Facilities

04.07.2020 Supplemental Emergency Management Order Travel and Face Coverings

COVID-19 Press Release_102_108_4 7 2020 (1)

COVID-19 Press Release_88_101 4 6 2020


COVID-19 Press Release_78_87 4 5 2020 Ver2

COVID-19 Press Release_63_77 4 4 2020 Ver2

COVID-19 Press Release_56_62 4 3 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_38-55 4 2 2020

04.01.2020 Official Census Day

COVID-19 Press Release_27_27_4 1 2020

COVID-19 Press Release_Cases 21_26

COVID-19 Press Release_2nd Local Transmission_ 3.28.2020

COVID-19 Press Release_Addlt 3+ TRC 3.26.2020

COVID-19 Press Release_Addlt 4 TRC 3.21.2020

Press Release_COVID Case 3.19.2020

03.18.2020 Press Release- Cameron County Confirms Travel Related COVID-19 Vacationers



TRV Disaster Declaration COVID-19 extension

2020.03.23 – Shelter in Place

Cameron County Helpline

5 Steps for Disease Prevention

TRV Disaster Declaration COVID-19

2020.03.20 – No. 7 – Immediate Release – Order 2nd Supplemental Emergency Management Order

Dear Residents of Rancho Viejo and All Members of the Public,

Providing a safe environment for our residents and employees is our most important task. In order to do that, along with following the discretion of federal, state, and local officials urging citizens to take precautionary measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic affecting our country, the Town of Rancho Viejo has made the following decisions.

Town Hall will be CLOSED until further notice. We will be maintaining social distancing and further requirements to ensure the health and safety of our residents and staff. Instead of coming into Town Hall during this time we encourage you to call our office at 956-350-4093 and/or email us at

Municipal Court: We will not have court in the Town Hall until further notice. However, you must keep your court-appointed date by sending a letter to the Judge by email to or by mail 3301 Carmen Ave. Rancho Viejo, Texas 78575 (Please include your plea, citation #, and copy of your ID).

Building Permits: Please send all applications and back up information via email to Your applications will be reviewed by the committee and you will be informed via telephone and email of the status of your applications and will receive an appointment for payment.

The town park will be closed until further notice.

All other services such as garbage, water, police, and EMS services will continue uninterrupted.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.

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