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Republic Services

Please call Republic Services to setup service for trash and brush pick up and for costs 1-800-423-7316.  Garbage pickup day is Wednesday starting at 7:00 A.M.  All garbage must be placed in the cart for collection.  The cart should be placed within 2 feet of the curb the night before the collection day and must be removed from curbside by the end of collection day.  

Brush pickup is as follows:

Brush pick up is the second Wednesday of the month ONLY. ONLY PUT  BRUSH OUT 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the scheduled Wednesday brush pickup.  Do not place near obstructions.  Place the brush pile in an open area, not near any vehicles, light poles, mailboxes, telephone or cable boxes, tree overhangs or any object that could be damaged by the mechanical arm.  Brush must not exceed 8 feet in length.  Monthly limit for brush is 10 cubic yards.  If you have brush before or after the pickup time, please place on the side or the back of your house.  

2021 Brush Pickup Schedule

Animal Control

For loose dogs please call the Town Hall Office 956-350-4093

Wildlife Animal Policy

The Town will no longer be picking up wildlife, such as, skunks, raccoons, armadillos, nutria and opossums. Please call your exterminator for prevention methods to keep wildlife out of your yard. Also please call your exterminator to remove any trapped wildlife.

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