Candidate Forum

The following is a videotape of the Board of Aldermen candidates’ forum held on April 9, 2012, in the Rancho Viejo Town Hall. It is being provided as a matter of public interest to the users of the Town website for their private non-commercial use. Any commercial use of the video is expressly prohibited. Commercial use would include, but not be limited to, use of the video in documentaries, films, or television programs; distribution by broadcast, cable, or satellite; corporate, trade, or professional use; compliation dvds and the like; any use that relies in whole or in part on the use of the video to generate revenue; and any other use that could reasonably be seen as endorsing or enhancing the value of an organization, entity, or cause. In providing the video for the use of the public, the Town of Rancho Viejo does not endorse any candidate or cause, or any of the views expressed in the video. The Town reserves the right to remove the video from its website at any time without notice.

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